Redefine your figure with the ideal support for your back with the ABDOWOMAN

The secret to a slimmer waist and a protected back!

This garment has been designed with women like you in mind, who want to enjoy a great figure and a healthy back.

With its innovative design, Abdowoman provides optimal support to the abdomen and strengthens the lower back, becoming the perfect ally for your day to day.

Discover the transforming power of the Abdowoman



Reduce the size of the waist and define your figure.

The Abdowoman allows you to reduce up to two sizes in your waist, giving you a slimmer and more defined silhouette. 

Say goodbye to those extra inches and say hello to a more confident and confident version of yourself.

Protects and relieves back pain.

One of the most outstanding advantages of the Abdowoman is its ability to provide exceptional support and protection to your spine, promoting proper alignment of the vertebrae and reducing muscle tension.

 By wearing this garment regularly, you can improve your posture and alleviate discomfort, allowing you to enjoy life to the fullest.

If you suffer from back pain or want to prevent it, the Abdowoman is the perfect choice for you.

Provides comprehensive support to your abdomen and lower back

The Abdowoman goes further by offering you comprehensive support in your abdominal and lumbar areas. Whether you need help after giving birth or want extra support during your daily activities, this garment has you covered.

Its unique design provides targeted support, giving you stability and comfort just where you need it most.

The ABDOWOMAN also offers you:

Firming and gentle compression for your abdomen. 

Say goodbye to flabby tummy and get a more toned and defined midsection. The gentle compression of the Abdowoman will help firm and smooth your abdominal area, giving you a better appearance.

You'll look fabulous in all your favorite outfits!

Relief of muscle fatigue.

If you often experience muscle fatigue, especially after a long day or intense workout, the Abdowoman can provide the relief you need. 

By supporting your abdominal and lower back areas, this garment helps reduce muscle fatigue and promotes faster recovery.

Stay active and energized throughout the day with the added support of the Abdowoman.

The Abdowoman goes beyond being a simple compression garment.

It is the perfect support that every woman needs to enjoy a spectacular figure and optimal health.

Specifically designed to support the abdomen and strengthen the lower part, this product offers a wide range of benefits, from reducing the waist to protecting the spine against back pain.

Feel the confidence of showing off a splendid figure and enjoy a healthy back!

COLOR: Beige- Black 


XS   (Waist measurement 28-29) 

S     (Waist measurement 30-31)

M     (Waist measurement 32-33)

L      (Waist measurement 34-35) 

XL    (Waist measurement 36-37)

XXL  (Waist measurement 38-39)