Corset Golden


Redefine your waist with the Golden Ardyss Corset!

Finally get the figure you've always wanted without having to go under the knife!

The Golden Corset is your perfect ally to achieve a defined waist, an improved posture and a more feminine appearance.

Don't wait any longer, start transforming your body and show off the beauty you have inside.



o Reduces the waist for a more defined figure

Say goodbye to worrying about those few inches that won't go away with diet or exercise!

The  Ardyss Corset Golden  is your solution to show off a beautiful and slender figure without the need for surgery. Exclusively designed to reduce your waist, straighten your torso, and place your back in an upright position, this corset is the perfect girdle to achieve the body of your dreams without the need for surgical procedures.

With the Corset Golden, you will be able to refine your waist up to 2 sizes!

Its flexible steel rods, integrated into each side of the corset, extend from under the bust to the pelvis, providing you with comfort and support while helping to shape your body. The three rows of hooks allow you to easily adjust the corset for optimal comfort and ensure that your figure is perfectly defined.

Say goodbye to an unwanted waistline and hello to a lean, toned figure!

o Improve your posture and enhance your femininity

The Ardyss Corset Golden  not only helps you reduce measurements, but also straightens your torso and places your back in an upright position, improving your posture. Forget about slouching and enjoy an elegant and feminine appearance in any outfit. The lace front panels not only add a touch of style to this corset, but also enhance your femininity, making you feel confident and beautiful.

With the Corset Golden, you will not only transform your figure, but also boost your confidence and femininity!


o Comfort and confidence for day to day

You don't have to sacrifice comfort for beauty. The Ardyss Corset Golden  is made with "Powernet", a resistant material that gives you total comfort while you reshape your body. You will be able to enjoy the feeling of wearing tighter clothing and show your curves without restrictions or discomfort.

In addition, its "strapless" design allows you to wear the corset with any type of garment without worrying about it being noticed.

Feel confident, sexy and proud of your figure on any occasion!


Colors: Beige,Black


28 (Waist Size 25-26)

30 (Waist Size 27-28)

32 (Waist Size 29-30)

34 (Waist Size 31-32)

36 (Waist Size 33-34)

38 (Waist Size 35-36)

40 (Waist Size 37-38)

42 (Waist Size 39-40)