CORSELETTE DELUXE comfort, versatility and confidence.

Comfortable Support for Improved Posture and a Lean Figure!

Improve your posture and show off a slim and toned figure with the Corselette Deluxe! Discover all the benefits of this incredible garment designed to provide you with comfort, relieve back pain and highlight your curves.

Its versatile design and guaranteed comfort make it an essential garment in the wardrobe of any well-being-conscious woman.


  • Back pain relief and support.

  Experience instant relief from back pain and an upright posture with the Corselette Deluxe. Its innovative design with a transversal cut on the back of the garment provides comfortable support, placing your shoulders back and correcting vertebral alignment.

Say goodbye to the pain caused by a bad posture and the weight of your bust, and enjoy a back free of discomfort.

  • Correction of the spine and definition of curves.

Get a properly aligned spine and a trim figure with the Corselette Deluxe. Its flexible rods allow you to correct the lower and dorsal discs, preventing them from bending and achieving a perfect alignment of the spine.

As you slim your waistline and shed unwanted fatty tissue, your figure will look more defined and toned, giving you a sleek and confident appearance.

  • Improvement of posture and lifting of the bust.

Experience a significant improvement in your posture and a bust lift with the Corselette Deluxe. Its adjustable straps allow you to customize the level of support and correction you want, keeping your shoulders back and your back straight.

With regular use of this garment, you will notice how your posture is transformed, giving you a more confident and elegant appearance.

In addition, the specialized design of the garment lifts and enhances your bust, providing a feminine and attractive silhouette.

  • Abdomen Toning and Size Reduction

Get a firm and toned abdomen with the Corselette Deluxe! This garment is your perfect ally to achieve the abdomen you've always wanted. Its specialized design flattens and tones the muscles of your abdomen, giving you a slimmer and more defined appearance.

In addition, thanks to its advanced design, you can reduce up to 2 sizes, which will allow you to wear your favorite clothes with greater confidence and comfort. Don't wait any longer, start shaping your abdomen today with the Deluxe Corselette!

Don't wait any longer to enjoy a slimmer and more toned figure!

Get your Deluxe Corselette today and experience the benefits this slim shaper can bring you.