Body Magic


Awaken your Beauty with BODY MAGIC

Lose 2 to 3 Sizes in 10 minutes!


Gone are the days of feeling uncomfortable with your figure. With Body Magic, you can quickly and effectively transform your body, achieving the look you've always wanted. This innovative progressive reshaping garment offers you the opportunity to look and feel sensational without the need for invasive surgery.

Do you want to know the incredible benefits that Body Magic has for you?

Here we explain it to you...



  • Realigns flaccid tissues: Say goodbye to flaccid and untoned skin!

The Body Magic has been designed with your needs in mind. This high quality compression garment rearranges and tones the flaccid tissues of your body, giving you a significant improvement in the firmness and appearance of your skin. You will notice how your silhouette becomes more defined and slender, allowing you to wear your clothes with greater confidence. Recover the elasticity and youth of your skin!

  • Lifts and maintains the stomach in position: Show off a flat and sculpted stomach!

Do you want to say goodbye to the tummy and show off a flat stomach? The special design of the Body Magic offers you the necessary support to lift and keep your belly in the right position. This not only gives you a slimmer appearance, but also helps you show off your clothes with greater elegance and confidence. Say hello to a toned abdomen without flaccidity. Enhance your curves and show your confidence!

  • Improve your posture and straighten your back: Feel and look more elegant!

Body Magic not only works on your physical appearance, it also improves your posture. Thanks to its ergonomic design, this garment helps to straighten your back, correcting any unwanted curvature. By drawing your shoulders back naturally, you will achieve a more elegant and sophisticated appearance. In addition, you will relieve tension in the back and shoulders, reducing the risk of pain and injury. Walk gracefully and confidently!


Experience the Magic of Body Magic with "Lipotransportation and Lymphatic Drainage"

The Body Magic goes beyond being a simple compression garment. With the "Lipotransportation and Lymphatic Drainage" technique, you will be able to experience optimal results in body remodeling. By placing the Body Magic and using this technique, we move the fat upwards, from the lower abdomen and sides to below the bust, where the lymph nodes are located. In this way, the accumulated fat and liquids are drained through the urine, preventing the tissue from returning to its original place.

This combined approach of Lipo-transportation and Lymphatic Drainage. It allows us to obtain optimal results in body remodeling. We not only work on shaping your body, but we also help eliminate accumulated fluids and toxins, providing a more toned and healthy appearance.

In conclusion, Body Magic is a revolutionary solution that will allow you to reduce 2 to 3 sizes in just 10 minutes. Its unique design lifts and reshapes different areas of the body, such as the bust, stomach, buttocks, thighs, and hips, while correcting posture. With additional benefits such as abdominal firmness and muscle control, the Body Magic is the perfect option for those who want to look and feel great without resorting to invasive surgery.

Regain confidence in your body and awaken your inner beauty with Body Magic.

Don't wait any longer to transform your figure and look radiant on any occasion!



COLOR: Beige-White-Black


26 (Thorax Size 28)

28 (Thorax Size 30)

30 (Thorax Size 32)

32 (Thorax Size 34)

34 (Thorax Size 36)

36 (Thorax Size 38)

38 (Thorax Size 40)

40 (Thorax Size 42)

42 (Thorax Size 44)

44 (Thorax Size 46)

46 (Thorax Size 48)