Business Model

Ardyss commercializes its products through Network Marketing. This business model has provided a lucrative lifestyle for many of its Ardyss Distributors over the last decade. It’s your turn to have the life of your dreams. We look forward to helping YOU become our next success story.

Ardyss’ Independent Distributors promote and distribute the company’s state of the art line of products via interpersonal and social networks as opposed to the traditional method of advertising.

In traditional marketing, before a product is sold, it must go through many hands, which increases the price of the product being marketed.

However, Ardyss International’s structure is designed to compensate its Independent Distributors to market and sell its products.

How is it possible to afford to compensate Independent Distributors? The answer is simple. Distributors serve as the billboards for the company by sharing their product experiences with others.

It’s something every person does, when we tell others about a great movie or a sale at the local grocery store. Those types of referrals don’t compensate you for sharing your experience with others. However, building relationships in Ardyss can bring great compensation rewards as you help to change lives. In that, the company pays most margins to its distributors instead of a middleman.

Business Model

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