Trayectory in 26 years


In 1990, a man who had lost his job at the age of 50, began a dream that today has helped many people get a chance not only to enjoy high quality products, but to empower those who wish to take control of their lives and not depend merely on their employment. He made people masters of their own time and money. This is the story of Mr. and Mrs. Diaz de Leon, a married couple who alongside their children have established and led a family business which over time has sold over $1 billion dollars and generated thousands of testimonies regarding their products and having thousands of people generating additional earnings aside from their jobs and full income.


Our project

Create a project where the priority is the people! This project´s goal is to impact positively the way people live and think.

Starting with the benefits obtained from our products in the lifestyle we choose, followed by constant schooling of our affiliates, where the goal is to create a fearless mindset of abundance, this new mindset will lead us to chance certain paradigms and by doing so we are building integral entrepreneurs who become role models to their families and society as a whole.


Our Commitment

Build a company with values, which will be reflected in the way we conduct ourselves. Starting with providing the best products, followed by a full integral and honest marketing network in the making and offering a service where the priority is our affiliates’ satisfaction.

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