Ardyss History

Ardyss began in 1991 as a Mexican Manufacturing Company with a new concept for corsetry, designed for reshaping the female figure.

Like many big companies, the creation of Ardyss came about in an unpredicted manner.

Ardyss International was started by Antonio Díaz de León, his wife Armida Fonseca, and their two sons, Antonio and Alejandro. The Díaz de León Family was successful with Ardyss because of their hard work and dedication.

Mr. Antonio Díaz de León went through very hard times before starting Ardyss International. He quit his job in the Customs Department in Reynosa Tamaulipas, Mexico, and began looking for other opportunities. No one wanted to give him an opportunity, making the road a struggle.

Fortunately, destiny had something else waiting for him and his family. During a car trip to Mexico City, Mr. Díaz de León gave a ride to five teachers. He asked one of them why she was walking and she told him to save money. She also told him she was trying to make extra money by selling cosmetics. That is when Mr. Díaz de León decided to start his own business that would help other people. “I will make my company the strongest one,” he said. After analyzing the possibilities, he determined that initially it would be easier to sell undergarments than cosmetics.

The road was anything but simple. The entire family was involved in different areas of the business.

Without any experience but equipped with only a great desire to learn, Mr. Díaz de León decided to rent an industrial warehouse that was 984 square feet in the metropolitan area of Mexico City. He begins with 8 sewing machines and 550 yards of material.

Through the years, the process of research and development of products has been optimized. Currently, Ardyss has a team of full-time professionals dedicated to maintaining an ongoing program to create new products and to continuously enhance our vast product line.

Ardyss History

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